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We have introduced two different levels of error rectification and content modification in EnglishGrammarChecker. You can check your text through any one of them and make changes according to your liking.

First, get your text in a proper form and when you think you have done your best, copy the text and enter it in the above form.

Next click the CHECK TEXT button (in black color) and let EnglishGrammarChecker do its magic. You will see different suggestions, errors and probable modifications in an underlined form. You can click on them and see all the options available for replacement. You can make any modification that you believe is going to help and, in the meantime, EnglishGrammarChecker will continuously check for more suggestions.

You can also use the DEEP CHECK option by clicking the green button. This feature offers an even more extensive check for your content and you will see deeper suggestions that can make your sentence structure better. A different alternative for words that might make your content sound stronger is also suggested in this feature. This feature works up to ten times better than any other similar platform available in the market.