22 Words Related to Good Feelings

  • Here is a list of words expressing strong and positive emotions. They are best for the back cover of a novel or in movies, both these are the supporters of emotionally convincing words.  
  • Astounding – it refers to something very surprising or shocking and you find yourself to be unable to comprehend or speak about it.
  • Attractive – one of the synonyms is magnetic- something that is appealing or alluring or draws your attention by its inherent properties mostly used to describe opposite genders.
  • Awe-inspiring – Factually “breathing taking”, once the meaning used for word awe was “overwhelming dread”. This compound word preserves the meaning of grandeur in a dictionary that is lost for the word “awesome”. 
  • Arresting – If you have ever disappeared from the criminal justice system, you would avoid eye-catching things that could move you from your tracks. Sometimes it is lovely to overcome by a thought that you can’t even move.
  • Astonishing –Refers to the word stun and some antique words such as stupefy, daze and crash. It’s a pretty strong feeling astonishing things could blow your mind e.g. if you see a dog shaking hand with its owner couldn’t be astonishing but when a dog calls 911 for his owner that would be astonishing. 
  • Amazing – this is used in negative connotations in Proto-Germanic and its synonyms were “to confuse or confound”, if you were a Proto-German, you wouldn’t like to be amazed. But now it is used in positive connotation but lightly.
  • Appealing – from Latin word for a call, the appealing things call you or attracts you towards themselves e.g. the criminal appeals the judge to re-evaluate his case.
  • Compelling – it means to force someone e.g. someone compels you to do something. The compelling things, force you to consider them such as compelling arguments that make a lot of sense or a compelling novel forces you to think.
  • Captivating – the literal meaning is “to make captive” just as the pirates do to others and you don’t want that to be done to you. But now it has a positive connotation, sometimes you become provoked by something that makes you think about it.
  • Engaging – Originated from the words “pledge, promise, secure”. Something or someone engaging you is compelling you to involve yourself and bind yourself to it, just as two people engage themselves when they commit to get married. It is often used in business slogans such as “audience or product engagement” in which much less commitment is involved as compared to marriage but the marketing department would take it differently.  
  • Enticing –it means “attracting or tempting” or the original words “torch, firebrand”,   according to me the entice means to be ignited. The other synonyms of enticing such as inveigling or the ancient word lilaceous, can use these words instead of enticing but I don’t think so there will be many people that can understand your meaning.
  • Exhilarating – The word exhilarating has the meaning of “stimulating, refreshing, electrifying, exciting” and it doesn’t become weaker but stronger with time from the days of Rome. The word has been originated from Latin as “ex-hilarity-ate-in”, so its origin is like “delighting or pleasing” just like in “That scrupulously polarized me”. It refers to hilariousness that means “very funny” but formally it means “cheerful”.
  • Fascinating – this is another happy word having menacing roots came from Latin word “bewitch or cast a spell over”. It talks about something very interesting that you become trapped or mesmerized to it but in a good way.
  • Impressive – one of the origins of impress is “to press.” The impressive occasions make a memorable imprint in your mind, similarly, the press makes a strong impression on a government mint.
  • Marvellous –Originated from Latin “worthy to be looked at.” The uncontrollable wonder is triggered in people who see a marvellous sight.
  • Mind-boggling – the word was first used in the 1960s, this usually causes to be speechless, surprized or confronted mentally or emotionally.
  • Overwhelming – If the word whelms means “to capsize, flood, or engulf,” then the world overwhelm is even stronger. The overwhelming experience has more power than your ability to handle.
  • Rapturous – It refers to “peaceful, full of exciting pleasure.” Originated from the Latin word “snatched” just like someone feels during a blissful experience. The gript listener is elated and absorbed in what she was hearing.
  • Refreshing – its literal meaning is “to make fresh again,” uplifting because of its novelty. As you might expect, it has been originated from the European word “fresh”, but there is a sense of “sweet or pure” in these words. 
  • Stunning –if someone says that something is stunning, it means that this thing is so beautiful and causes the spectator to lose its strength.  It could be an exaggeration but these words are related to astonishing and simply infer bewilderment.
  • Thrilling – it means causing sudden or strong excitement that can even cause shaking. Sword clashing means the sword is thrilling.  
  • Wondrous – it’s not for normal experiences but a wondrous sight is astounding induces deep admiration.
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