3 Problems of Nonparallel Interjections

In a post published recently, I discussed the simple problems of parallelism in sentence construction. Here are three examples of more complex errors involving corresponding sentence elements. “Low-interest rates have been one of the primary, if not the primary factor in extending the real estate boom in the United States.” The corresponding phrases in this ... Read more

22 Words Related to Good Feelings

Here is a list of words expressing strong and positive emotions. They are best for the back cover of a novel or in movies, both these are the supporters of emotionally convincing words.   Astounding – it refers to something very surprising or shocking and you find yourself to be unable to comprehend or speak about ... Read more

Top 5 Mistakes with Personal Pronouns

Personal pronouns are amongst the oldest known words including, he, she, it, I, we, you and they. Five out of all personal pronouns have two forms, objective form (me, us, him, her and them) and a subjective form (I, we, he, she and they). The mistakes that commonly occur are due to the reversal of objective and subjective forms. Further, two ... Read more

How to get paid by Writing? 9 Sites Seeking Proposals Now

It seems impossible to start a career in writing. Having so many people that ask you for free work, how could you ever make your living with your skills? But there’s a way, thanks to the internet. There are many people who are looking for writers and are agreed to pay as well. Here’s a ... Read more

30 Problematic Words and Idioms

The complication of written communication is something beyond our control and all we can do is find remedies for the situations. There are many pairs or trios of words that obstruct us due to f their resemblance. Here is the quick review of these words for your affluence: 1. Awhile vs. a while: “Awhile” is ... Read more

How To Concentrate While You’re Writing?

Have you ever been diverted while you’re writing? I haven’t met a single writer who can be honest in answering that question as “no”. You would have faced many distractions or forgot during a web search, Twitter, Facebook, reading news headlines, answering emails, ordering books from any online platform like Amazon, surfing some web comics. ... Read more

Top 10 Errors in Punctuation

The following techniques can help the writers to avoid punctuation mistakes. 1. The comma is always used after introductory clauses, phrases or words. Incorrect: However the people who don’t sleep well can suffer from different health problems. Correct: However, the people who don’t sleep well, can suffer from different health problems. However should be followed by ... Read more

20 Guidelines to Increase Your Writing Efficiency

Would you like your latest writing project to keep you moving faster? The great writers have felt the same thing. Don’t take stress, it’s correctable. When there are no words to write, but the writers have effective ways to move further. Dig New Grounds Instead of writing the same thing, write multiple drafts. You can ... Read more

8 Writing Hacks For Beginners

The amazing world of writing welcomes you. Writing is something that has been considered as one of the best tools for expressing one’s feelings. Many people have opted for writing as a full-time career because it is their dream job. Yet, the newbies who are just entering this magical realm can still get confused about ... Read more

7 Important Rules in English Grammar

This post describes seven general but important areas of English grammar and composition that writers must know to write perfectly. Subject-Verb Agreement According to this rule, singular verbs are used for singular subjects and plural verbs are for plural subjects. The verb should be according to the subject, not with an overriding clause or phrase. ... Read more