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  • Copyright, Idea Submissions, And Licenses

Any content uploaded on the website will automatically be considered as the property of Englishgrammarchecker.com and the content is protected by the laws under international copyright and trademark. Englishgrammarchecker.com, any other third-party license owners and related affiliates will be considered as the owners of the copyrights and trademarks.

You are not permitted to consider the content to make modifications, make copies, reproduce, republish, use for uploading, posting, transmitting, or distribution. These prohibitions are considered in any form of content reading (including software, code, graphics, text and any other form that may be considered for transmitting data in the future). You are permitted to make use of the content for printing, personal use and non-commercial reasons without making any changes to its propriety rights.

When you access the website, you give permission to Englishgrammarchecker.com in a form that is entirely internationally applicable, not exclusive in any manner, and is free of any royalty. This permission allows Englishgrammarchecker.com to have control and authority over any information and data submitted by you in any form and on any page related to the website. The website can use your data for deriving ideas from and use it for distribution (both the data and the derived idea if any).  Your initials are also included in the set of information provided by you while using our website and you will have no legal permission to go against the website whatsoever.


Englishgrammarchecker.com reserves the right to claim ownership of any service reference, content, products or publications uploaded on Englishgrammarchecker.com. Any other company name or products that have been mentioned on the site may be considered as trademarks owned by their respective parties.

  • Website Use

 Please be informed that Englishgrammarchecker.com claims responsibility for services, products and information that have been clearly owned by Englishgrammarchecker.com Any other similar material that has been posted and shared on the website is from a third party and Englishgrammarchecker.com is not going to be responsible for it in any circumstance. Englishgrammarchecker.com also does not accept responsibility for any content present on the website to be free of malware and Trojan horses. You are clearly instructed to take precautionary measures before downloading any material or connecting your devices of any kind to our website through the internet. Any data lost in this process cannot be used to hold Englishgrammarchecker.com responsible.

Englishgrammarchecker.com does not express any responsibility for claims and warranty of any information on the website. The site presents all the information in its raw form and does not endorse the information. No infringements, limitation warranty, use of information for business purposes are taken under the website’s responsibilities. Englishgrammarchecker.com holds you responsible for the fair use of information and for determining the authenticity and accurate use of the information shared on the website. Interruption in the service of the website or execute any error in performance is a hard fact and the website does not negate its possibility. Some of the information on the website might be considered as sexual and you are responsible for viewing it. Englishgrammarchecker.com holds no control and authority over such material and is not deemed to be responsible for such content.

Limitation of Liability

Englishgrammarchecker.com is free of any liability for: 

  • any damage or loss in the form of business profit, loss of information, any direct and indirect damage, including and not limited to problems that arose as a result of the above mentioned and other incidents. Even if the probable loss has been conveyed to Englishgrammarchecker.com, it will still be not liable for any of the damages.
  • Any error caused by engaging the information on the website, any material downloaded from the website resulting in loss of any kind or any other issue relatable to the content available on the website.
  • Those states where such laws are flexible may exclude the implication of these laws. In these states Englishgrammarchecker.com’s liability restricted to greatest scope allowed by the law.

Please know that Englishgrammarchecker.com does not represent any other website. If a link to another website is provided on Englishgrammarchecker.com.

Englishgrammarchecker.com may not be held responsible for the content of the other website. When you enter another website, the liabilities of Englishgrammarchecker.com end there and Englishgrammarchecker.com has no control over the data and information you share on that platform. Neither does Englishgrammarchecker endorses any website’s information by providing a link to any of their page.

  • Indemnification

When you use Englishgrammarchecker.com, you are agreeing to hold harmless, defend and indemnify any of Englishgrammarchecker’s employee. These employees include suppliers, licensors, agents, direct and indirect employees, directors, officers and third-party providers of information. You indemnify these parties in against any kind of attorney’s fees, costs and damages, expenses, losses and damage caused by any violating this agreement by any person who is accessing the services of Englishgrammarchecker.com.

  • Third-Party Rights

Please know that content in para 2 and 3 (Website Use and Indemnification respectively) may be used by any of Englishgrammarchecker’s suppliers, licensors, agents, employees, directors, officers and third parties for the benefit of Englishgrammarchecker.com and themselves. Those provisions can be rightfully enforced and asserted by these entities in order to defend the website.

  • Termination

 and any other party holds the right to terminate this agreement without any prior notice and without providing any reason and timeline. All the content provided in this agreement under Para No.1 (Copyright, Idea Submissions and Licenses), Para No. 2 (Website Use). Para No.3 (Indemnification), Para No.4 (Third Party Rights) and Para No. 6 (Miscellaneous) shall continue to exist in case of termination of the Agreement in view.

  • Miscellaneous

Worldwide laws are the construction and governing guidelines for this agreement and by accessing Englishgrammarchecker.com you agree to bring any legal proceedings related to this agreement involving Englishgrammarchecker.com, you and any other third parties, to the state or federal court of competent and expert jurisdiction performing worldwide.

The maximum duration for any claim to be made by a user is one year starting from the date of the appearance of the cause. Any time taken longer than this will disqualify the user to make any claim or call for a cause of action.

No provision of right or waiver shall be considered redeemable if Englishgrammarchecker fails to enact its performance based on the content and information provided in this Agreement.

Englishgrammarchecker holds the right to make changes to this agreement and it can transfer the rights to do so without issuing any informational notice to the users. Any other attempt to make modifications in this agreement by any party shall be considered inapplicable and illegal and Englishgrammarchecker holds the rights to file suit under due legalities.