Privacy Policy

The policy explained below deals with the action taken by EnglishGrammarChecker    regarding any information and data that has been shared with

Here at EnglishGrammarChecker we value the confidentiality, accuracy, and safety of your corporate and personal information. Our privacy principles are specially designed to appropriately manage any kind of customer information.

You will be informed about any data that is collected through our website while staying within the legal limits allowed for us by the data protection law. Your data and privacy are valuable for us and we take preemptive steps for their security.

This document will inform you about any use that we make of your data and you can personally view this information by visiting our site at EnglishGrammarChecker.

  • Data Controller

Working under the supervision of different data protection laws enforced in the European Union’s member states along with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the data controller is basically responsible for processing any data that goes through the website. You can know about it at:


71-75 Shelton Street


Greater London



You can drop your questions and concerns about anything in the policy at :

  • Data Protection Scope

Data protection generally deals with usage data and personal data. 

Usage Data is the information obtained technically by the website. Usage data comprises of information related to on what date and time did the user start to use the website and when did he exit, and for how long was the user on the website.

Personal data can be defined under GDPR to be any information that could be used to identify or trace a human being. This information can be in the shape of an online profile, location of the person at a given instance, an identification number, a name or even an online name. 

  • Automatic Collection Of Data Through Website Access

Your device that connects you to our website automatically sends packets of certain data that is needed by our website on technical ground. The following data is required to keep you connected to our website. 

  • IP Address
  • Keyword used to search our website
  • Notification for successful retrieval of data
  • Domain request
  • Amount of sent data
  • Previously visited website
  • Operating system of your device
  • Version and type of your browser
  • Timestamp of visiting our site

The use of this particular data is entirely for technical purposes. Website performance and optimizations are carried out on the basis of such information and the data is never used for any other purpose.

  • Rectification of Errors Through Grammar Checker (Free)

You are recommended to avoid using our online grammar checking service for content having any kind of personal data.

We do not keep track of any data shared with us through this service. You need to be informed that by using our service, your data is transferred to our servers and we engage our services of checking your provided data.

  • Rectification of Errors Through Grammar Checker (Deep)

Our mechanism for Grammar Checker (deep) involves assigning your shared data with a third-party platform that offers rectification of grammatical errors. Our website is not liable to answer for their privacy policy and therefore you are requested to read their privacy policy before opting to use our Grammar Checker (Deep).

You are suggested to avoid sharing any personal data while using this service.

  • Newsletter

“Mailchimp” is a newsletter service provider that is working as a third-party with us and is responsible for taking care of the monthly newsletter. When you sign-up for our newsletter, you agree to share the following information with Mailchimp:

  • Your location
  • Your IP
  • Your initials
  • Email Address

This third-party service can be contacted at the following physical location.

You can also unsubscribe anytime from the newsletter by clicking a link provided at the bottom end of every email we send.

  • Cookies 

With your permission, our website uses cookies in order to successfully provide you a smoother and better experience. Cookies are small directing files that are stored automatically on your device through your browser. Deactivating cookies is also an option for you, however, their deactivation may compromise the performance quality of the website.

For further information, we utilize cookies having identification for an individual through your browser. You can get more details by visiting the “Google Analytics” section.

  • Google Analytics Having Anonymization Function

EnglishGrammarChecker takes assistance from Google Analytics which is a service operated by Google Inc. this service collects data stored in your cookies and then shares the data with different website operators so that they can improve their performance. The data collected from cookies is first shared with and saved on an American server which then utilizes the data. 

Anonymization Function is a feature in Google Analytics that shortens the internet connection’s IP address and hides its actual face. This facility is for any of the European Union Member States or for an accepting member of the Agreement on the European Economic Area.

The duration limit for Google Analytics to hold any user-based event is 50 months. If you are not comfortable with this feature, you can turn it off through an add-on for your browser.

  • Know Your Rights

EnglishGrammarChecker is always here to facilitate you if you have any question or objection regarding any policy related to us. We can facilitate you in the following aspects.

  • Right-to-object – we will facilitate and pursue and objection you have regarding any consents that have been given already
  • Right-to-restrict-processing – if you have a desire for us to not to put your data through the processing, we will try our best to facilitate you while staying in the allowed flexibility from legal authorities.
  • Right-to-remove – if you are uncomfortable with your data to be processed or saved, we will facilitate you up to our legally allowed extent to remove it from the servers. If removal is not possible, we make sure that the data is blocked for further use.
  • Right-to-rectify – If you believe that your data is not its pure and correct form, we will happily rectify it based on evidence.
  • Right-to-confirmation-and-information – our teams will always facilitate you for letting you know what kind of data has been processed under your tag and what was the purpose of it being processed.
  • Security

We are a platform that takes security very seriously. At we make sure that any data provided by the users that enter our website is thoroughly checked through different monitoring systems placed for this reason. 

  • Links Shared On Our Website

Our site might display links that will lead to various other websites. Please be informed that once you enter into their website, our privacy policy is not applicable there. So you will be responsible for any personal data that you may enter on their website. 

  • California Online Privacy Protection Act Compliance

California Online Privacy Protection Act Compliance restricts us from sharing or distributing any user’s personal data to any other party without the user’s consent. Your data is safe with us.

  • Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act Compliance (COPPA)

The minimum age limit to use our website is 13 years and we are also in compliance with COPPA’s requirement. Any person younger than this age is not allowed to use our provided services.

  • Privacy Policy Restricted To Online Data Collection

Please be informed that the policy under view is restricted to any online collected data. This policy has no application in the offline collection of data under our badge.

  • Your Approval

You legally agree with the policy under view by using our website.

  • Right To Modify Privacy Policy reserves the right to make any modification to its existing privacy policy. You can stay updated from the existing policy through this link.